Video Audio Systemy
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  • Designed for Windows XP / Windows Server 2003 or 2008 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 operating system

  • Transmission Client cooperates with the Device Controller

  • Contains playout management, playlist editor, video server content management and cart machine library management modes

  • Video overlay capability - user can check the current On Air program on the computer monitor as well (very useful during making changes in the current playlist or manual starting playback after live event)

  • Playlist check mode - includes a list of errors or warnings (zero durations etc.) and is able to check the limits of commercials in accordance with a law - necessary for every commercial TV

  • Every playlist item contains a reconciliation key (up to 64 characters long string) which can be used by the information system for additional data processing

  • Creates As Run Log and a detailed technical log including the communication events and user operations

  • As Run Log can be converted to open standard file format (HTML etc.) for additional processing


  • Performs all time critical (frame accurate) tasks, directly controls VTRs, video server channels, switchers, etc. via RS422, RS232C or Ethernet

  • Device Controller is locked to the TV reference

  • Device types and settings are stored in the files - this feature brings high flexibility during system configuration

  • Device Controller has no graphical user interface, user actions are performed on the Transmission Client
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